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The secrets of the great composers

The four great composers of classical piano music.

A series of 4 sessions.

About the show

In her unique way, Odelia conveys her love for the fantastic four B's of the world of classical music through playing, exploration, humor, and acting. Each session tells the secret of the period, its unique musical structures, and how it affected the music that each composer wrote.


We will explore the depths of the composer's personality – how he grew up, the relationships in his life, and the meaning behind their famous works. And back to our days - we will learn how their music influenced today's music: from the local Solomon Gronich to the legendary Elton John.


The Classical period

The sonnet is about a couple's relationship, and Beethoven brings the sonata form to its peak, breaking all conventions but failing to bring it to fruition in his private life. How do you express resentment through a sonnet?


The Baroque period

What is Bach's relief, and how does it represent an ideal relationship within a group?


The Modern period

After years of wandering around the villages surrounding his native Hungary and recording over 30,000 local melodies, Bartok is building a new musical language of sounds and rhythms and revolutionizing classical music. What is it about this language that magnetizes all musicians so much to it?


The Romantic period

Can a person who is so conservative be romantic? What is romanticism? How he conveys in his music the abundant romanticism through small, deep, and significant nuances and moves away from the extravagance so hated about him.

An inside look

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